The Story of Angry Jodie

by Phil Starn on February 25, 2010

Angry Tiger

Earlier this week I wrote about how to express your anger in a positive and healthy way. Expressing your anger this way is not very intuitive for most of us, so I thought I would create a small case study to illustrate how to do it.

Jodie sells paper in a large department store. She’s been working very hard and has the best sales record on the sales floor. When she decides to ask for a raise, however, her manager starts laughing and he dismisses her request with no further explanation.

Jodie’s very angry at his reaction. She’s about to tell her manager what she thinks of his management. She’s about to tell him that his store is crap, that the customers are dumb, and she’s about to yell at him that she doesn’t need this job anyway, because she’s the best salesperson and another store will hire her without any hesitation. [click to continue…]


How to Express Anger in a Positive and Healthy Way

February 23, 2010
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We’ve all had it, that moment when we begin to see red. We can feel our blood pressure increase and the blood in our veins turn into adrenaline. Someone has just made us very angry and we’re about to express our anger in a very destructive way. Thankfully, we can prevent the destruction and learn [...]

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An Emotional Journey Through Learning a New Skill

February 18, 2010
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Learning a new skill is a very fulfilling and growing experience. As you develop a new interest, you go through a wide range of positive emotions. It is a very constructive journey, and I want to share with you the five positive emotions I went through as I picked a new skill: playing the electric [...]

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Challenge #2: Develop a Positive Mindset by Keeping a Positivity Journal

February 16, 2010
Positivity Journal

My first 30-days challenge, becoming an early riser, successfully ended yesterday. This month, I’m hoping to develop a positive mindset by keeping a positivity journal. This challenge is part of my resolution to perform twelve 30-days challenges this year. I have what I would call in pseudo-scientific terms “a realistic mind with negative tendencies”. I [...]

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Here’s a Simple Mindset to Stop Worrying Needlessly

February 11, 2010
Live the moment!

Worrying is a very bad habit. It brings nothing positive into your life, it does not solve problems and it does not get anything done. Frankly, worrying is stupid. Yet we do it anyway, and I’m the first one to admit it. Whenever I’m on a tight deadline, face financial issues or have relationship problems, [...]

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